History of the Club

Right before school closed down, Latin Club members posed in the spirit of Caesar’s assassination, hoping for a more auspicious Ides of March than He…

March 2020

Our 2019-2020 Latin Club and NLHS Executive Board posing in our apparel!

January 2020

At our Halloween Toga Party, it’s a race to see who can make the best toilet paper toga!

October 2019

Our co-curricular program volunteers to pack up books and materials to donate to underserved communities and programs in need

October 2019

National Latin Honor Society Inductions

September 2019

Latin students present their Greco-Roman technology at our Maker’s Fair

April 2019

Our 2018-2019 officers show off their apparel design

March 2019

We celebrated Saturnalia by playing “Pin the Dagger on Caesar”

December 2018

In addition to eating food and making mythological pumpkins, during our Halloween Toga Party we play “Toilet Paper Togas” and race to design the best classical apparel!

October 2018

National Latin Honor Society Inductions

September 2018

As an Icebreaker with new members, we organized a game of “Apples of Discord”, played outside on the school’s greens

October 2017

Every June, we travel to a local park to hold an Olympic Games to celebrate the end of another Latin Club season!

June 2017

NJ-JCL State Convention, right before the Chariot Races

April 2017

Growing together, our members volunteer in the school’s greenhouse to clear out weeds and cultivate new plants

March 2017

Who needs a Gingerbread House when you can build a Gingerbread Greco-Roman temple!

December 2016

Our members decorate boxes that they will soon fill with Thanksgiving dinner ingredients, to be donated to a local soup Kitchen in South Edison, Hands of Hope

November 2016

Enjoying a Roman style cooking class in Metuchen, NJ at Classic Thyme Cooking School

June 2016