Current Events

We meet regularly on Wednesdays from 1:50 to 2:30pm. Please see Google Classroom for the current Zoom Link and for any updates on the schedule and events!

  • Certamen 2021 Result Certificates
  • Our Certamen Teams!

    Here are the members of our Latin II and Upper Level Certamen Teams!

    Aryan Nair
    Rishita Dasgupta
    Oshmi Ghosh
    Lokkit Babu Narayanan
    Niya Shah
    Mahika Arora

    Our Latin II Team

    Aman Gupta
    Michael Galsim
    Jason Wang
    Randeep Chahal
    Pramil Patel

    Not Pictured: Arnav Kamulkar
    Our Upper Level Latin Team
  • Certamen Results!

    On Saturday, March 6th, 2021, two teams competed for the New Jersey Junior Classical League Certamen in levels II and Upper. We are very proud of the accomplishments of our teams!

  • Look! We will be featured in the JPWeekly!
  • Certamen Practice – 1/27/2021
    Each week in January, we’ve been holding run-offs for our Latin II and Upper Level Certamen¬†teams for the NJJCL Spring Regional Certamen! This is a picture of our Upper Level team and our “reader” Mrs. Hasner.¬†

Here we are meeting on 10/14/2020!